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ALEVOLVE RADIO | Sales Series Episode #2 - Qualities of a Sales Monstar!

Yes! That's right! MonSTAR. Sounds corny, but hey... it's my show! Today we talk about some ideas brought by an article from Business Insider; specifically Vivian Giang. This is "20 Qualities that make a great salesperson". Article Here!

The song you are graced with today is Daddy Raised Us Kings. Just listen to this song and think about how you as a sales person can look within yourself.

ALEVOLVE RADIO | Sales Series Episode #1 - What’s a salesperson? Why?

Hello everyone! Welcome back. Here I am again with a big flip. We are now moving on to the Sales Series of Alevolve Radio. If you are a sales person looking for a different outlook, perfect! If you are someone wanting to break into sales, keep listening. The gears are shifting and I think you guys will be pretty happy about what is to come.

ALEVOLVE RADIO | Episode 14: Unsick, #BLMKidnapping, TRUMP IS Your PRES, Too bad

Alright. Getting back into the grove of things when it comes to the show. Took a few weeks off due to sickness but I'm back. Let's make a great year. Today I talk about various topics. I jump around a little bit... weird right? Nope! It's the story of my life. Today we talk about the disgusting kidnapping that happened with four people in chicago. It's infuriating. I'll let it at that. We talk about some Trump action. Some hate on Jimmy Fallon. Shout outs as normal.


Big talk about Orange Theory. This has been a big change in my life that's I'm super stoked on. Can't wait to see the results over the next year!



Knock it Out by Legion Beats hook by Jamillions (free Track)

Up In the club - Bishop Walker #ALLLUXURYENTERTAINMENT

ALEVOLVE RADIO | Episode 13: #f*ckColin, Mad Dog Mattis on Deck

Alright everyone, I know i've been slackin' on getting these shows up. I've been dealing with some shit. One thing being this massive sickness. Here is a show that is pretty simple. Had a close friend Seth who will be releasing his show on Heroes media group soon! Need the support now more than ever. Let's share the show and get it moving!


Make sure you check us out and follow the show on social media:

Instagram: @alevolve

Instagram: @heroesmediagrp


Detailed summaries coming Soon!

Fat Kid Chronicles | Week 2: Day 2

Today was a lot of fun. Tried a new location. Different people. Different style of workout, but still the same calories being burned! It's been fun. I went five days last week. This week I'm at two days. This is seriously addicting. It's getting harder to get in the orange zone, which apparently is a good thing! :-)


Fat Kid Chronicles | Start of something new. Day 1

Wow! So today started something totally new. Something different. I've done the workouts in the gym for 2-3 hours of lifting, talking, some cardio, more lifting and more talking. After being diagnosed with cancer some years back I really let myself go and really haven't gotten back to it. I tried going to the gym, but holding myself accountantable just don't make sense to me. This is me blantantly saying I no longer have the discipline I had before. 


This starts a new part of Alevolve. Last year I started a group called Fat Kids Anonymous. This was fun for alittle while, but people move on and stop posting. That's fine. It was just for fun anyway. Now, we have "Fat Kid Chronicles" where we will go on a journey to be in better shape, just not a pear type. I will anotate as much as I can. Hopefully this will keep the motivation going.

The Prep. Simple. Made a buch of protein; mixed between chicken and beef. Worked with all chicken breast and tri tip. Grilled it up real nice. Mixed up a bunch of veggies in the steamer and split everything up into some meals. Easy night. I probably have enough food for about 2.5 days. 

Woke up this morning at 4:15am. I think I was a little excited because getting out of bed was not hard at all. Jumped out of bed. Ate a banana and quarter cup of oats. My main problem usually is remembering to eat. This is always my problem, but not today! Got in the car. Put everything, so I thought, in the car and left the house to Orange Theory in Chandler. I chose this one because it's closer to work and has great reviews.



ALEVOLVE RADIO | Episode 12 - Biden Fun, Love, Life, Mad Dog Mattis

Summaries coming soon. Check out the show.


Shirts for sale, all proceeds go to Semper Fi Fund.

ALEVOLVE RADIO | Episode 11 Trump Won, So What Now? Stop Splitting.

Hi Everyone. So Another Week Together. This has been a lot of fun. Super quick show. While recording the system restarted.

ALEVOLVE RADIO | Episode 10 We’re Back!! Trump Shift, New Tracks, Update

So! It's back! I want to say thank you for coming back. We have shifted to a new light. Things are going in a different direction. Please Share the show!

ALEVOLVE RADIO | Episode 9 Mass Shooting in Orlando

I had to get this off my chest. Now you know where I stand.

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